Saturday, February 20, 2021

10 Ways Delta Chat is Better than WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram

With everyone deleting WhatsApp and switching to Telegram or Signal, maybe there’s something better that you haven’t heard of yet. Here are 10 ways Delta Chat is better than the others.

 I couldn't get anyone to swap over to Signal as they couldn't be bothered, and even my girlfriend said her phone had run out of memory so she could not put it on. But the other day I came across an article about a messenger app called Delta Chat, which said it was very secure. But it's so new that I was nervous about using it for a while, so I checked it out on the Internet and it seemed to be okay. Anyway, it only uses your email address and does not require a phone number, in fact, it is email but in a messenger format. What this means is that you can use it even if other people don't, so I guess to them it just comes as an email.

What I like about SMS and WhatsApp was how fast they were, so you could have a conversation on the fly, so I sent several messages to myself using Delta Chat and it was instant, but then emails can be instant too, so I will have to see how well it performs in the long run. Anyway, it's just like using SMS but you can send photos, etc, without being charged because its really an email. Delta Chat is available for all platforms, even Kindle Fire. If I can get people to use it, it might be fairly fast, well I'm hoping anyway. 

I'm going to use this for close friends and family, and keep everything else for email. See what you think. 


Delta Chat review - it includes a link. 

10 Ways Delta Chat is Better than WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram

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