Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Revival Of Russia And The Way Forward — Zamir Awan

Mostly focused on Russian relations with the Muslim world. Russia has good relations with both the Muslim world and Israel even though it is backing Syria and, more modestly, Iran. This is a difficult balancing act that he credits Putin with managing well. It also helps that the Russian Federation is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural state with good domestic relations and respect for different peoples and traditions.

Under President Putin’s outstanding leadership, Russia has successfully reached out the Muslim World to restore its international influence. The mutual exchange visits by leaders of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and exponentially growing economic and defense collaboration have the potential to shape a new regional and global order.

The Muslim World is enormous, with an estimated population of around two billion; almost every fourth person is a Muslim. There are 57 Muslim countries as sovereign members of the United Nations. They possess a large vote bank and political weightage. The Muslim World is rich in natural resources, with vast reserves of oil, gas, and minerals.

Although possessing colossal potential, but politically divided and yet poor and weak, often coerced by Western World and victimized frequently. It is an excellent opportunity for Russia to avail anti-America sentiments in the Muslim World in the best interest and build deep friendships with the Muslim World....

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Peter Pan said...

The Russian relationship with the Middle East is to sell them as many weapons as they can buy. Their relationship with the wider Muslim world is in proportion to their economic clout. China is in the lead there.