Wednesday, February 24, 2021

War Watch

MintPress News
What Planet Is NATO Living On?
Medea Benjamin

“We want a regime change in Russia”
Maurizio Blondet

Putin says Russia thwarted the activity of hundreds of foreign agents nationwide

Sputnik International
Putin: Information Campaign Exists Abroad to Undermine Russia's Achievements in Medicine

Sputnik International
US Vows 'Mix of Tools Seen and Unseen' Against Russia for Its Alleged Involvement in SolarWinds Hack

Sputnik International
US B-1 Bombers Arrive in Norway for First Time

Global Research

Sputnik International
Russia's Lavrov Calls on US to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Sites Abroad, Says They Violate NPT

Intel Today
Salisbury Incident — Was ‘Novichok Killer’ Driving License Photoshopped by Bellingcat? [UPDATE — Bellingcat paid by UK FCO to post Russia Fake News]
Ludwig De Braeckeleer
Nahia Sanzo,

Spiegel Online
Russia: The Architect of Putin's Purported Palace Comments on Alexei Navalny's Film
Christian Esch

France, Canada, UK Send Warships To South China Sea To Assist U.S., Not Spread Influence In Former Colonies

The American Conservative
Writing Our Own Foreign Policy Destiny
Daniel Larison


Kaivey said...

I tried to tweet the Southfront article but twitter wouldn't let me.

Tom Hickey said...

They have been blocked in US-controlled media and shut out of the payments system as "disinformation."

Tom Hickey said...

Oops. Spoke too soon. I see that they are back in the payments system now and can received donations other than bitcoin again, but they are apparently not in social media.

Peter Pan said...

In other news, Gamestop stock is up :)

Kaivey said...

I also discovered that if I use Duck and Go I find a lot more interesting articles. Google is suppressing so much stuff.

Tom Hickey said...

Yes, they even block things that you search for directly. Google is increasingly broken. Duck and Go works.

Matt Franko said...

It’s like the Taliban saying “we didn’t do it was our resident Al Queda here...”

If the last 20 years has taught us nothing it’s that you have to kill them both...,