Sunday, February 14, 2021

News from neoliberal India under Nardenra Modi

This budget session of Parliament signals a new turn in our national politics. After decades of fighting over personalities or rival ideologies built on religious and caste identities, India is stepping into an era of clear debate on economic policies.

We have seen this already, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi making an unabashed and unqualified pitch for the private sector, and Rahul Gandhi responding with not just the charge of crony capitalism, as in ‘hum do, humare do’ but also reading in the farm laws an anti-poor hijack of the poor farmer by the private sector. This is change....
This is how politics is always played in a democracy. No one ever won power by being nice or fair to the other side. What’s new, today, is that for the first time in our politics, there is a clear Right-Left divide on the economy. What matters is that henceforth people will go to vote with a clear choice between unabashed backers of private sector and freshly dyed-in-red socialists....
Tidbit: One per cent of Indians own 73 per cent of national wealth.

The Print
Economic ideology is the new binary in Indian politics as Modi swerves Right & Rahul Left 
Sheekar Gupta

Radhakrishnan explains why farmers are rising up, how they are organized, and how the neoliberal government of Narendra Modi has responded to the movement.

Just one day after this interview, the Modi government raided the offices of Radhakrishnan’s employer,, and detained its editors in what has been denounced as an act of intimidation against critical media. Learn more about the disturbing press crackdown here.

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