Monday, May 3, 2021

Neoliberal economists announce . . . — Ken Zimmerman

Neoliberal economists announce to all, whether they want to hear it or not regularly, those who are wealthy and powerful deserve both, and more due to their greater intelligence, commitment, foresight, and competitive spirit. They deny that prejudices of any kind, racial, ethnic, gender, political, etc. play any part in such determinations. Referencing to the old Grouhcho Marx’s joke, these economists want us to believe their theory rather than our eyes. Each day our own experiences both as ‘formal’ scientists and in everyday interactions force us to face many instances in which these and many other prejudices determine our chances in life and who and what we become. What does that make neoliberal economists? At best idiot savants. At worst dangerous liars and propagandists.
Real-World Economics Review Blog
Neoliberal economists announce . . .
Ken Zimmerman

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