Monday, October 18, 2021

How to achieve full decolonization [with MMT] — Jason Hickel

Southern governments are captive to the demands of international capital, which prevents them from meeting their people’s real needs. MMT offers a way out, says Jason Hickel.
New Internationalist
How to achieve full decolonization
Jason Hickel

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Andrew Anderson said...

and you can tax excess money back out of the economy, starting with the richest in society.

But not ending there since the rich don't consume enough in aggregate to matter.

Therefore taxation MUST fall on the non-rich if the purpose is to quell price inflation by consumption reduction.

Much better would be to eliminate all privileges for banks so as to reduce their ability to create bank deposits, not for the general welfare but for the private welfare of the banks and for the most so-called "creditworthy", typically the richer, at the exspense, one way or another, of the poorer.