Sunday, October 17, 2021

Why The World Still Isn’t Ready For An EV Revolution — Felicity Bradstock

A lack of charging points and the prevalence of slow charging options have left some reluctant to make the shift. In fact, Allegra Stratton, spokesperson for the COP26 climate summit, made headlines when she stated, “I don’t fancy it just yet,” in reference to swapping her aging diesel Volkswagen Golf for an EV alternative. She justified the statement by saying that she has elderly relatives that live “200, 250 miles away”, and the need to stop and charge would take too much time, particularly when traveling with her children. If even the voice of the world’s climate change summit is unwilling to shift, this says a lot about consumer needs.…

Another factor is cost. EVs are still comparatively much more expensive than their petrol equivalents. Despite decreasing production and battery costs, electric cars are still much more expensive on average than traditional cars. There is a lack of low-budget EVs on the market, whereas there are both low-cost versions and second-hand options of traditional cars. Yet, analysis by BloombergNEF suggests this could all shift in the near future, with the “upfront cost parity” of EV and internal combustion vehicles in the U.S. expected to arrive in 2024.
An idea whose time has not yet come.

Why The World Still Isn’t Ready For An EV Revolution
Felicity Bradstock

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