Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ian Verrender - Have climate deniers fuelled the rise of COVID anti-vaxxers?

 A very good article about why so many people distrust the government and vaccine:

Big Pharma, Big Corporatuons, and a government that on the whole couldn't care less about them. 

Along with a growing mistrust of what has become known as MSM (mainstream media) in the new millennium, there has been an erosion in respect for the political process and a backlash against the corporate world, particularly multinational corporations.

It is particularly strong among youth

Should it come as a surprise then, that suspicion around vaccines has arisen, and occasionally from sources where you would least expect it?

The intersection between government and big business — large pharmaceutical companies that stand to make huge profits from vaccines — has only added to the fear and mistrust.

That's been elevated by the extended lockdowns, which have damaged — in some cases permanently — the livelihoods and businesses of large sections of the population; damage that flows on into personal lives, relationships and mental health.

It is not an environment conducive to rational thought and argument.

"Have climate deniers fuelled the rise of COVID anti-vaxxers? - ABC News"

 Ian Verrender - Have climate deniers fuelled the rise of COVID anti-vaxxers?


jrbarch said...

In Australia covid-19 is a political and media event, coloured by fear and hysterics. I am not a medical scientist – but neither are the people on TV every night, pushing their agendas. I am honest - and valuing my integrity and clarity, will say: ‘I do not know’ – and these ‘leaders’ should say so too.

Michael Mosley featured on a program last night berating big pharma for pushing the lie that Type-2 diabetes is ‘progressive’ (irreversible); offering evidence to prove his point through diet choice. People suspect that if the tobacco industry and pharma would lie about their products, the incentive to vaccinate the world 3x over is too much. The independent voice of science and the scientific debate, keeping accurate data, is overcome by corruption in governments and business. The world is full of lies and the elite think that is normal: while ordinary people think it is psychotic.

Here’s another group of medical specialists with an alternate view: COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety

I do not know and must wait for Time to pull back the lies. Every little particle of sand, washed up on the beach, has its day in the sun.

Peter Pan said...

Unvaxxed Patient DENIED Kidney Transplant

Denied, because of politics.

Peter Pan said...

Bill Walton Show - “Liberty or Lockdown” with Jeffrey Tucker

Peter Pan said...

Vaccine pioneer says 'rules don’t apply’ to unaccountable, 'corrupt' Fauci, FDA

Peter Pan said...

Fake Canadians - Canukistan rising