Friday, October 15, 2021

Links — 15 Oct 2021

The Independent
The west wants to engage Russia and China on the climate crisis, while also demonising them – it won’t work
Patrick Cockburn

Sputnik International
New US Treasury Guidelines Warn Crypto Industry of Perils of Sanctions Violations

Strategic Culture Foundation
Colour Revolutions Fade Away
Patrick Armstrong, retired analyst and diplomat (2008) serving in the Canadian Department of National Defence specializing in the USSR/Russia from 1984 and a Counsellor in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow in 1993-1996.

Combined China-Russia Military Might Is Not Enough To Match U.S.: RAND Corp

Asia Times
Milestones show path of Xi’s transformation drive
Jeff Pao

Moon of Alabama
EU Faces Migrant Backlash After Sanctioning Belarus


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