Monday, October 4, 2021

Links — 4 Oct 2021

Pandora papers just another tool for the West to interfere in developing countries, says Chinese state media boss

Zero Hedge
Taiwan Informs Australia It's 'Preparing For War' As China Sends Record 52 PLA Jets Toward Island
Tyler Durden

Sputnik International
Taiwan Scrambles Jets After 52 Chinese Military Aircraft Fly Near Its Airspace

Consortium News
Consortium News Is a Threat
Joe Lauria

One World
Why's The US Set Its Regime Change Sights On NATO Partner Georgia?
Andrew Korybko


Sputnik International
State Dept: US is 'Ready to Meet With North Korea Without Preconditions'

Sixth Tone (against the US in the Korean War)
A War Film Smashes China’s Holiday Box Office Record, Again
Zhang Wanqing

Sputnik International
Who's Behind the 'Pandora Papers' Leaks of Politicians' Offshore Assets?
James Tweedie, former international editor for the Morning Star, and has also worked for RT and The Mail Online

Visual Capitalist
Mapped: Where are the World’s Ongoing Conflicts Today?
Avery Koop

Internationalist 360º
Canada Supports Fascism

Native Americans: the First and Forgotten Slaves
John Stanton

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Marian Ruccius said...

Yves Engler's work is always good -- but I think he should acknowledge that Canadian foreign policy is often just about holding the bully's coat, rather than about deeply held corporatist views per se.