Friday, October 8, 2021

Noel Lee - Singaporean exposes CNN Chinese whistleblower torture of Uyghur prisoners in XinJiang

 The policeman being interviewed says that he defected from China because his job was to intergate innocent Uyghurs and put them in concentration camps. During the interview he is wearing his policeman suit, which he says was the one that he wore in China. So, when fleeing China - where he might never return - to go all the way to Europe, he grabbed as many possessions as he possibly could and shoved them all, along with his policeman's suit, into his suitcase. 

This video is my opinions and reaction to the CNN video in which their correspondent based in Hong Kong, a Mr Ivan Watson interviewed a Uyghur man who is now a kindergarten teacher in Norway, as well as an unknown man who claims and "proves" that he is a former police officer from China, by simply showing up in a police uniform and showing some xerox A3 sized print outs, who escaped China but is keeping his identity a secret to "protect" his family still in China.

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