Friday, December 17, 2021

China Rescues Myanmar From Dangerous Dollar-Dominated Waters — Brian Berletic

China and the Myanmar junta agree to use yuan in cross-border trade, evading the USD-dominated system. China and Russia recently made a similar agreement. De-dollarization expands its reach as a result of sanctions.

Additionally, Brian Berletic presents the Myanmar situation from a different POV politically and geopolitically.

China Rescues Myanmar From Dangerous Dollar-Dominated Waters
Brian Berletic

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Peter Pan said...

Control over energy resources [of the former Soviet Union] and export routes out of the Eurasian hinterland is quickly becoming one of the central issues in post-Cold War politics.

Thirsty Europe could be drinking all the Russian resources they want, but they chose not to. That leaves China/Asia as an alternative buyer.

So that issue is settled, unless Europe comes to its senses.

Once again, Europe will suffer.

Globalization has been exposed by COVID-19 as a fallacy, anyhow, so it seems the ultimate dividing lines to come are a natural progression.

Fair trade is a better alternative than rigged "free" trade. In a world with declining resources, regional and local trading blocs make more sense. In an energy crunch, protectionism would no longer be necessary.

The stakes alone make any sane person wonder why anyone would dream of expanding NATO now. And this may be the point. These crazy times have taught us one thing, depend on nothing but more WTF moments.

Well, they better get it on before Netzero 2030/2050 takes effect. By then there will be less to squabble about.

Peter Pan said...

Netzero 2050 or bust?

Bust it shall be...