Friday, December 17, 2021

Spectre of war is haunting Europe — M. K. Bhadrakumar

 I would amend the headline to "the world," since Russia has warned that it will strike command cneters, including the continental US, if the US/NATO attacks. China has committed to backing Russia. WWIII?

India Punchline
Spectre of war is haunting Europe
M. K. Bhadrakumar | retired diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service


Peter Pan said...

Chicken Little Rides Again - M.K Ultrakumar

Say your farewells and just do it already.

Tom Hickey said...

Here is an excerpt from an recent email exchange that states my view on this:

The US has been trying to get Russia to intervene in a Ukraine-Russian confrontation for some time, and Russia has resisted. The only circumstance that could get Russia involved would be Ukraine initiating a military offensive against the Donbass, in which case the Ukrainian force and its bases would be wiped out in about an hour of sustained missile fire from Russia without the need to enter Ukraine. The Ukrainains know that and the US has said it will not intervene militarily. So it would be a suicide mission. However, that would be justification enough for the West to apply harsh sanctions aginst Russia as well as the US increasing military spending. This would precipitate a new Cold War and the ending of exports from Russia and China to the West, which would result in economic havoc in the West. The US is not going to war over Ukraine or Taiwan unless the crazies prevail, since the cost of the war would be prohibitive for the US and allies if Russia and China strike back, which they have guaranteed to do. So most of this is gas unless the nutters in the West have the final say.

At this point, I am mostly concerned with an accident or rash move that leads to a nuclear exchange and nuclear winter as a result. Militaries on all sides are on hair-trigger. Otherwise, time is on the side of Russia and China. The West realizes this and sees the window of opportunity closing. The real problem for the West is that the window has already closed since the West cannot defeat Russia and China together in a two-front land war in Asia. This is the significance of China just saying that the relationship of China and Russia now "more than an alliance." Henry Kissinger's worst nightmare has come to pass, and the Western nutters brought it on themselves. The multipolar world is now a reality and the five hundred year period of Western dominance is effectively over.

My two cents.

Peter Pan said...

A multipolar world was a reality by 2010. Nobody outside of geopolitics cares about this. A cold war can be ignored by the public; a hot war between nuclear armed states would be calamitous.

To paraphrase Lenin: There is nothing to be done.

Matt Franko said...

“ rash move that leads to a nuclear exchange ”

Tom consider the tektons created nuclear weapons only to stop their conscription into the old traditional meat grinders …

So if Warrior class still wants to rumble they will have to do it among themselves via conventional weapons..

Peter Pan said...

The slave warrior class will do as they're told; and their spouses will rumble with someone else back home...