Monday, February 1, 2016

A Letter to Micheal Hudson

I wrote this to Michael Hudson just recently. I thought it would be okay for here.

But to start with here's the interview that Stefan Molyneux did with Paul Craig Roberts who totally demolished Stefan’s libertarian arguments. That was one of the best interviews I ever seen.

The Failure of Capitalism? Paul Paul Craig Roberts Debates Stafan Molyneux

Hi Michael,

Paul Craig Roberts’s recent article on you was just awesome. He said that you were the best economist in the world, and in fact, the only real economist in the world. I agree.

I've been watching loads of Steve Keen videos because they are very informative and he's a nice guy, but he would leave the whole ruling class hierarchy and everything they have stolen completely in place. The lords would still rule. And I've been watching loads of Mark Blyth videos on austerity too which has given me a good understanding of what's really going on, but he keeps saying how he really does love capitalism just reassure everyone. But I believe that Mark Blyth would probably be a lot more progressive it's just that he’s just scared to sound too socialist. The ruling class have managed to conflate democratic socialism with communism and totalitarianism so now ‘socialism’ is a dirty word.

When I look at what many of the progressives write, they will still often talk about market efficiency and making a better, fairer capitalism.  Their main concern is really only about crony capitalism, where they say that there is nothing wrong with 'real capitalism', but I think they have been so brainwashed by the relentless capitalist propaganda that have been rammed down our throats over the last hundred years by the ruling class because they own all the mainstream media, so now everyone sounds like they're are in a herd of sheep going bhaaaa. We have been totally and completely brainwashed.

Not only do the ruling class own all the mainstream media but they have an army of  highly paid lackeys who make up the 5th column economists at the Think Tanks and leading universities.  So all day long they go blah, blah, blah about the merits of capitalism and how there is no alternative to neoliberalism. It's a meritocracy, they say, so just work harder if you don't like it, or start your own business so you too can get out of the rut by exploiting other people. The ruling class have relentlessly pushed the meritocracy idea and made ordinary people believe that the mega rich are extremely clever and so deserve their opulence and their massive incomes and that it is the fault of poor people that they are poor.

Well, I'm a Positive Money person myself and would nationalize the whole banking system. Fuck the rich; they have screwed us so over so many times by the banking system they hijacked from us hundreds years ago.

But nowadays I’m quite into Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist movement. I really like the way he is able to get up there on all the alternative news shows, like The Young Turks and Alex Jones, and really argue his case even though they think he's mad. But nothing deters him because he's an awesome guy. He absolutely destroyed Stefan Molynuex arguments in an interview on YouTube (but not in the way that Paul Craig Roberts totally blew him out of the water in recent interview he did with Stefan. That was incredible, where the normally loud mouthed Stephen Molyneux just went into a whimper of a lamb with his tail between his legs).

I think one way out of this mess is to have a 'Basic Income' so people can opt in and out of capitalism as they wish. Competition should only occur at the top end where very clever people and entrepreneurs (another name for robber barons) can compete with each other with their fine products, innovations, and ideas, but ordinary people don't have to compete by sacrificing their lives to the market by desperately pricing themselves into work which mostly turns them into slaves.

This capitalism system is totally brutal and I'm also fed up with the faux progressives like James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds who just want more capitalism, not less. Their main concern is only about crony capitalism and the rent seeking of the rich. They would still allow the majority of the poor to be crushed under the ruthless capitalist system known as the Meritocracy, but the 'Meritocracy ' is Right Wing propaganda. Both James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds are very bright and well educated and so would do very well out of the libertarian capitalist system they espouse.

Well, thanks for all your hard work and the great books, and I hope there will be many more.

Kind regards,



MRW said...

I have such a problem with your reasoning.

Peter Pan said...

Stephan is used to debating YT cretins and quickly found himself out of his league. Pwned.

Unknown said...

I'm disappointed that you find Corbett a faux capitalist. I've been listening to him for years and not found that to be the case. Would you care to expound on your slur?