Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bloomberg — Nine Charts That Show China's Economy Is On A Tear — No hard landing here.

The post points out that China's growth is on track with respect to the policy goal. The usual scolds are squawking, just wait until the credit bubble implodes as they have been doing for some time.

The video interview of Professor Keju Jin is good too. She explains the policy objectives of the leadership, the current economic conditions, and the challenges to realizing the objectives.

It's short, but a good summary of the overall conditions and stance.

Nine Charts That Show China's Economy Is On A Tear — No hard landing here.
Luke Kawa


GLH said...

I saw a chart a few months back showing that the Chinese have a lot of private debt. If you are familiar with that I would like your opinion about if it might cause them trouble in the future.

Tom Hickey said...

Much of that debt is in the housing market. Many Western critics see that blowing up like the US in 2007-8. The same thing has said for the Canadian and Australian housing markets, too. Steve Keen lost a bet on his failed prediction about the Australian market.

A big weakness win capitalist economies with private property and private debt on it is asset bubbles driven by leverage. This is the issue that the doomsayers are predicting for China. Those people have been pretty consistently wrong, just like those predicting the imposing of Japanese sovereign debt. Similar to those predicting imminent yuan devaluation. I would be betting against them rather than with them.

GLH said...