Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brad DeLong — Ben Thompson: Fake News

Ben Thompson mentions the fake news in the mainstream media like the New York Times, citing the Judy Miller fake news about Saddam's manufacture and possession of WMD. He fails to mention the ongoing stream of propaganda in the mainstream as fake news about what is going on the in the world as part of an information war. The New York Times and the Washington Post are poster child examples in their promotion of liberal interventionism based on questionable if not bogus sources as if it were well-verified, for instance.

Glaring in its omission also is the fake news about economics and finance that promotes economic ideology justifying rent-seeking based on so-called laws of economics and "sophisticated" modeling. 

This is the fake news that needs to be banished.

Should-Read: Ben Thompson: Fake News
Brad DeLong

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Malmo's Ghost said...

Corporate media is selling news rather than reporting so called news. It has an agenda its pushing, which most of us have no illusion about. Instead of a one and done story, the MSM amplifies ad nauseum what serves it's agenda, thereby brainwashing its shrinking viewer base into believing what they're SELLING you is important. It's no more than a psy op, which is why I mostly ignore all MSM.

Tom, you link information (news) from various alt left sites and some right ones too. Some of it opinion stuff and some of it fact based hard news. Much of what you link to is never reported on @ MSM entities, yet it provides layered context to real news rather than the canned shit spoon fed to the masses at the so called reputable propaganda mills our MSM are. The MSM rarely reports the way the alt media does. MNE is an obvious example of this ignored "news".

I'm to the point right now that I rarely read or watch anything coming out of the corrupt MSM. The alt universe here and elsewhere serves me just fine.