Wednesday, November 2, 2016

German Radio— Germany to Send Tanks to Russian Border

The tone deafness on the NATO side is breathtaking. German tanks bearing the iron cross insignia of the Bundeswehr will be stationed on the Russian border for the first time since Hitler launched a panzer blitzkrieg against Russia in 1941 called Operation Barbarossa. Russians, who lost tens of millions in the ensuing battles, have not forgotten and probably not forgiven either, especially when they see tanks again gathering on their border.

The iron cross is just a step away from the swastika, which is now banned in Germany. The iron cross dates to Prussian times and is still in use as can be seen in the center of the above picture.

In addition, "patriots" in the countries bordering Russia are publicly honoring Nazi collaborators and conducting marches honoring SS veterans, torchlight parades and all.

The Russian public is taking this as a signal. The number one concern of the Russian people is now NATO making war on them. Rather then being fearful, however, they are resolute. Putin has declared that this time the battles will not be fought on Russian soil.

The West is blissfully ignoring this as it pokes sticks into the bear's lair.

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GLH said...

Now why would the Russians think that the Germans were being belligerent?

John said...

It's proven impossible to keep Germany's imperialism contained. Another good reason to rip up the EU and create an anti-Germany alliance. The sooner the nations of Europe can be freed from the grip of Germany, the better.

Thank you Nato for allowing historically the most dangerous country in history to militarise and now threaten the peace - again. Whoever thought that a militarised Germany was a good idea? Who are these geniuses? The one thing necessary for some semblance of peace - a demilitarised Germany - has been binned for short-term Nato advantage. The results of unleashing the ghoul are just too frightening.