Friday, November 11, 2016

Graham E. Fuller — The Establishment’s Massive ‘Intelligence Failure’

Good analysis by a former deep state insider.

The Establishment was blind-sided. They lost a major battle, but they are not yet defeated.

A chief problem an insurgency like Trump's faces is that most of the people capable of running the affairs of state, military, finance, and business are establishment figures and supra functions like academia and think tanks are either staffed with establishment figures or are so beholden to establishment funding as to be co-opted.

As a result, the change agency is peopled by a different set of establishment figures, while the power structure of the country remains intact and bent on taking back control from the insurgent.

In addition, the opposition hardens and regroups after the loss, obstructing while it prepares to strike back with a new battle plan.

Consortium News
The Establishment’s Massive ‘Intelligence Failure’
Graham E. Fuller is a former senior CIA official, author of numerous books on geopolitics and the Muslim World

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