Saturday, November 12, 2016

Klaus Brinkbäumer — An Absurd and Dangerous President

The United States has voted for a dangerously inexperienced and racist man -- one who was swept into the White House by an army of disenfranchised white working- and middle class Americans. It's a movement that now threatens democracy around the world.
This from the editor-in-chief of Der Spiegel. The German establishment doubles down.

Spiegel Online — Opinion
An Absurd and Dangerous President
Klaus Brinkbäumer | Chief Editor of Spiegel
Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan


Noah Way said...

Trump threatens democracy - or the illusion of democracy propagated by financial powers and their corporate media?

Ryan Harris said...

Trump threatens NATO's support for European expansionism.

Unknown said...

With the Brexit vote, and now the Trump election, it appears that Merkel's days are numbered. That is what this article means to me.

Seve141 said...

Amazing stuff.

How the outcome of democracy threatens democracy?

It's okay to vote, as long as you vote the "correct way".

GLH said...

Trump threatens Merkel; if he doesn't stand behind Obama's policies in Europe then Merkel is out on a limb.

TofuNFiatRGood4U said...

Time for a 2nd Morgenthau Plan

Guy Trigaux said...

Mr . Brinkbäumer ,

What ? The President Trump is a danger for the democracy ??? You , an arrogant German , have the brass neck to say that the US President is a danger for the democracy ? Do you think that the people have no memory , are stupid and do not remember 1870 , 1914 , 1939 when your German Chancellier declared the War ( two World Wars ) , killing millions of souls : that was not a danger for the democracy ??? Look at yourself Mr. Brinkbäumer and to the 1,3 million of people invading your Country before shouting out that Donald Trump is this and that just because he didn't agree with Mrs . Merkel . Look at what is happening in your Country , I say again in YOUR Country before criticising -- with wrong statements ! -- the autorities of other Countries .
By the way you like the term "democracy" , two members of my family have had all the time -- I mean four years -- to think about democracy when they were starving as prisoners of war betwee
n 1940 and 1944 ....
Guy Trigaux .