Friday, November 11, 2016

Mike Whitney — Patrick Caddell; The Pollster Who ‘Got it Right’

While I admire Caddell’s insights about the emerging class war across America, I’m not sure that he’s right when he says “the old rules of politics are collapsing”. The rules aren’t collapsing. What’s happening is that more people are simply aware of what’s going on and who their real enemies are, the bigshots in the deep-state establishment who have no political affiliation and who control just about everything. This new awareness or class consciousness is an essential part of understanding how the world works and who is screwing who, but it’s importance shouldn’t be exaggerated.

Patrick Caddell; The Pollster Who ‘Got it Right’
Mike Whitney

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GLH said...

I see now why Hillary lost. She stole the election from Sanders which means that over half of the Democrats were cheated out of their votes. Although Sanders flipped the half that were cheated didn't. The cheating bitch lost and she deserves to investigated by an independent prosecutor.