Monday, November 7, 2016

Sputnik — ‘Non-Human Rights’: Argentina Judge Orders Chimp to Be Set Free

Liberalism, which is based on the concept of natural rights as the foundation for legal rights, is on the march.

‘Non-Human Rights’: Argentina Judge Orders Chimp to Be Set Free


Ryan Harris said...

In all fairness, people aren't much different than apes. A smart ape is a dumb 3rd grade student which is an adult after one or two servings of alcohol or a fiery bowl of the sticky green. An intoxicated person or a child have most of their rights despite their impaired state. Their morality, ethics, reasoning, and sociology are all fairly complex. Why is this controversial?

Tom Hickey said...

Probably stems from the belief that only human have souls. In the Cartesian view, animals are mechanisms. This is also true of scientism.

Tom Hickey said...

The basis of scientism is a foundational assumption that absence of evidence is equivalent to evidence of absence.

Ryan Harris said...

"absence of evidence is equivalent to evidence of absence"

That's where the line gets crossed from science to the metaphysics of scientism.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. If something can't be modeled and measured, then it either doesn't exist or is irrelevant.

Ignacio said...

Well, that sounds like anti-science to me. A very unscientific line of thought.

Matthew Franko said...

I think rather they think that if it cant be seen then it doesnt exist...

Empirical means "based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic."

Maybe they think that if we have a conscience then animals have one too... but that would be pure logic rather than empiricism...

go back and read the Genesis account of Cain, he was a vegan (raised feedstocks) and didnt want anything to do with livestocks and the killing/butchering thereof... I've always thought Cain was just projecting his own soul onto what he assumed was the livestock's and just "did unto others...."

btw for the alternate view here is the Motor City Madman at last nights Trump rally in Michigan:

Tom Hickey said...

Scott Adams addresses it today in Dilbert.

jrbarch said...

Going inside is not a trivial thing.

I heard the story of Prthvi Mata (Mother Earth) going to Vishnu to complain that her udders were sore and her teats bleeding. Because she had to give, give, give, and keep on giving to the humans; and they were taking and taking and taking, more than she could ever give – not giving anything back in return. Vishnu looks at poor Prithvi and looks at the humans, and figures ‘Yep, they’ve all gone completely bonkers. I’ ll have to come again’. And the story-teller (who in this case was Prem Rawat) looks at everyone and asks sincerely: ‘So how much are you taking, and how much are you giving back’? From the Times of India:

”The Bhagavada Purana refers to a king called Vena who plundered the earth so much that the earth, in disgust, ran away in the form of a cow. This resulted in chaos. Plants refused to bear fruit and seeds did not sprout. There was hunger everywhere. Animals cried, humans wailed. Worried, sages picked up a blade of grass, chanted magical hymns, turned it into a missile and killed the greedy king. They then churned Vena's corpse, removed all that was savage and untamed in it and created a new king from the distilled and purified positive elements. This king was called Prithu, a form of Vishnu. The gods gifted him with a bow.

Prithu went to the earth-cow and requested her to provide milk for his people but the cow refused as she was still upset. So Prithu raised his bow and threatened to shoot her down with his arrow. She ran. He pursued her. Finally he caught up with her. "If you kill me," said the earth-cow, "then nature will be destroyed and so will all life." Prithu argued that without domesticating the earth, he could not feed humanity. He had no choice but to tame the earth, turn the forests into fields and route the water of rivers into canals.

"Do so then in moderation," said the earth-cow. So Prithu promised to institute dharma through rules that allows culture to thrive without destroying nature.

However, it is not an easy task because human life is validated when there is growth. Humans want more children and a longer lifespan and a better quality of life. The benchmark keeps rising. Animals have no such biological imperative. They are comfortable submitting to the laws of nature. Humans, however, overturn the laws of nature and plunder earth's resources in order to fuel growth.

... The only way to check it is by tempering it with intellectual growth and emotional growth, which are the two limbs of spiritual growth.

Dharma balances nature and culture between the needs of animals and the needs of humans. The symbol of dharma is the bow, which the gods gave to Prithu. The bow indicates balance — the string cannot be left loose or too taut. Prithu is described as the first responsible king of earth. That is why the earth is called Prithvi.

When the kings started bothering her again, earth once again took the form of a cow and went to Vishnu and said with tears in her eyes, "The ambitious kings are breaking my back. Their greed makes my udder sore. Save me," Vishnu promised to descend on earth, kill the errant kings and relieve earth's burden. That is why he took the forms of Parashurama with the axe, Rama with a bow and Krishna with a flute.

With the axe, he overcame kings who abused their power. With his bow, he demonstrated balance that demands discipline and sacrifice of desires. With the flute, he made cows give milk freely while offering them protection from all malevolent forces of the world. That is why Vishnu is called Go-pala, caretaker of Go-mata, the earth-cow. This is who the kings of the earth are supposed to be.”

A good story encapsulates human truth. From the seat of the soul (heart) the human sees the world as it should be. Conscience is light from the heart, visible when the clouds momentarily part.

Going inside is not a trivial thing!