Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Dems just don't get it. Even after their demoralizing defeat, they push voter-repudiated trade deals.

Are the Dems clueless or what?

Even after their demoralizing and disastrous defeat they continue to push voter-repudiated, destructive trade deals that have decimated the working class, the group which has been their core historical constituency.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may not be dead after all: House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady wants to “re-negotiate” Obamatrade during President-Elect Donald Trump’s first term. Read more.

Amazing idiots.


Noah Way said...

This guy is a GOP turd, not a DEM turd. But no difference, neither party pay anys attention to what voters say or want.

lastgreek said...

I agree with this:

Michael Tracey ‏@mtracey 35m35 minutes ago

I'm telling you, Dems would have been better off losing the popular vote. They'll use that hollow "win" to avoid any and all introspection

Matt Franko said...

Dems are the cheerleaders and the GOP are the actual players....

Salsabob said...

Wow, I realize how blinding ideology can be, but to change REPUBLICAN Kevin Brady from one of the Redest districts in one of Redist states to a Democrat is pretty amazing and hilarious.

The only true opposition to the TPP has come from the Sanders and Warren wing; oh, by the way, one is a Dem and the other caucuses with the Dems and actually ran in the primaries as a Dem - just thought you might want to know.

I know its tough for both the "thanks, Obama" and "Clinton Hate Derangement Syndrome" folks to grasp reality, but there really is a new show in town... a clown show.

MRW said...

You don't get it, Salsabob. Trump is opposed to TPP.

What clown show? We haven't any evidence yet. Trump has not taken office.