Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Claire Connelly — Why a universal basic income is a poor substitute for a guaranteed job

Bill Mitchell, Pavlina Tschernva, Fadhel Kaboub, Steven Hail, Ellis Winningham.

Buffer stock of employed versus a buffer stock of unemployed.

Bill Mitchell:
Article on Job Guarantee versus Basic Income Guarantee
The ABC published an article that I had some input into today – Why a universal basic income is a poor substitute for a guaranteed job – by Claire Connelly, a freelance journalist in Australia.
It generally makes all the relevant points and is worth reading and spreading.
ABC (Australia) — Opinion
Why a universal basic income is a poor substitute for a guaranteed job
Claire Connelly
ht Bill Mitchell at billyblog


Ralph Musgrave said...

Do wish people would stop going on about UBI and JG being alternatives. They aren't: they address different points or problems.

A good argument for UBI is that we are now so wealthy compared to a century or more ago that we can perfectly well afford to pay everyone some sort of basic income. Fair point.

JG in contrast says: "conventional employment policies fail to produce jobs for a significant proportion of those who want jobs, and JG can alleviate that problem. Again, fair point.

Ignacio said...

Agreed with Ralph, I see both as complementary and addressing different sort of problems.

This all is ideological bullshit.

Ignacio said...

Not that it matter anyway, the chance of any of both being actually implemented right now is close to zero.

Tom Hickey said...

The Issue is not about money. That's part of the money illusion and it will never the solve the real problem which is distribution and distributive justice. Otherwise it is crumbs falling to the floor from the table that only the well-to-do have a place at.

Distribution is not only goods and services but also leisure as more leisure is made possible by substituting capital (technology) for labor. Why should owners of capital take a disproportional share simply as a matter of ownership when all ownership is traceable to expropriation of the commons largely through force over the course of history. It is time to revisit that.

Bob said...

The BIG has an advantage due to its support by free market advocates. Buyer beware.