Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dan Steinbock — The Story of the U.S. Regime Change Plan in the Philippines

As long-needed economic reforms are taking off in the Philippines, regime change plans have been prepared in the US State Department against a democratically-elected president who enjoys very high popular support.
During the Philippine presidential campaigns in spring 2016, U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg sided visibly with anti-Duterte forces, which led to several high-profile confrontations. After the controversial Ambassador left the Philippines, he wrote a “blueprint to undermine Duterte within 18 months.” Last month, the plan was leaked to The Manila Times, the oldest English-language daily in the Philippines.

It is not the first time Goldberg is associated with regime change efforts. In 2008 President Evo Morales and the Bolivian government gave him three days to leave the country after declaring him persona non grata – following Goldberg’s efforts to fund the opposition leaders, separatists and think-tanks with millions of dollars.

Yet, President Obama rewarded Goldberg by appointing him assistant secretary of state for Intelligence and Research; one of the 16 elements of the US Intelligence Community (IC). Thereafter he was sent to the Philippines, which he left in less than three years after efforts to intervene with the elections.
What that? The US interference in foreign states' elections. You must be joshing, right? (snark*)

The Story of the U.S. Regime Change Plan in the Philippines
Dan Steinbock, founder of the the Difference Group
* Things are so bizarre now it has become necessary to state the obvious.


John said...

Brace yourselves for the liberal interventionist and neoconservative excuse factory to roll out the "humanitarian case" for a coup: Duterte is a dictator, a fascist, a self-confessed murderer, an extrajudicial assassin, and possibly even a drug lord who has taken this opportunity to wipe out all his competitors.

And as much as it pains the pure beings who sit in Washington, the beatific imperialists are willing to turn a blind eye to Duterte's alleged depredations as long as he stops being so friendly towards the (fascist, ungodly, demonic, etc) Chinese and returns the Philippines to vassal state answering to the imperial overlords in Washington.

Noah Way said...

Regime change begins at home.