Friday, July 10, 2009

Administration, policymakers, are resigned to impotence

Tim Geithner said this the other day:

"Unemployment is an inescapable element of a recession..."

The fact is, Tim, it's NOT!

During the New Deal one of the reasons why unemployment came down was because the government GAVE JOBS to anyone who wanted to work. They were jobs in construction, education, social services, even artists and writers!

That Geithner and many of our leaders and policymakers believe that we just have to accept a high level of unemployment and pray that somehow, miraculously, it will just go away is an admission of sheer impotence!

Surely there is enough productive work that needs to get done in this country that we don't need to sit here with 13 million people out of work. It's completely unreasonable and unwarranted, however, until somebody in power understands that, we WILL sit here with vast numbers of unemployed and Obama will see his approval ratings start to tank.

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