Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Restrictions by U.S. CFTC

U.S. regulators say they may clamp down on oil and gas price speculators by limiting the holdings of energy futures traders, including index and exchange-traded funds.

Finally!! This should have been done last year, however, Republicans scuttled several measures and elections campaigns probably impeded anything new on this front. Now it could happen.


googleheim said...

and the democrats were easily sidelined by the tax-payer-on-the-hook smokescreens

mike norman said...

It is odd how the Dems embrace fiscal conservatism. When it comes to economics, they really don't have different ideas. Indeed, they take the worst of liberalism (tax in order to pay for investments) without the best from conservatism (tax cuts). So they're really worse than the Rebuplicans!