Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are Homebuilders Poised For An Enormous Rally?

Are Homebuilder Stocks Poised
For An Enormous Rally?

Read why the United Sates may be facing

"The Mother of All Housing Shortages"
...Enormous opportunity and the facts are irrefutable!

In my latest report I talk about why...

...New housing starts are at critically low levels 
...Demographic trends shaping up to create huge and sustained demand for housing 
...Why no one sees this happening right now 
...How you can profit from this mega trend! 

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1 comment:

kbob said...

Hold on fella. Don't get so excited. You remind me of the talking heads on TV who say that good company earnings are a sign they are doing well now, as opposed to the fact that it's because of cost cutting measures (layoffs, contracting operations etc.). Or that any positive GDP growth is a sign the worst is behind us, as opposed to the fact that it is because of inventory restocking.

You still fail to see the underlying dynamics that go beyond what meets the eye.

The housing slump has a long long long way to go. The fundamentals suck.