Friday, July 24, 2009

I will be on "Cashin' In" on the Fox News Channel Saturday (7/25) at 11:30am ET

Please try to watch this and send your email comments in support.

You'll hear...

Tracy Byrnes say, "Government can't spend all it's tapped out."
Jonathan Hoenig say, "Cut jobs to save money and that will repair the economy."
John Layfield and Wayne Rogers say, "There are no productive jobs that the government can pay for."

Thanks. We've got to try to get Fox "in paradigm!"


Scott C. said...

Mike - good job trying to educate the Fox people, but it seems hopeless. Thanks for challenging their outrageous beliefs that 1) unemployed people are unproductive and 2) all government jobs are unproductive. These clowns need a stint on the street to qet acquainted with reality. Probably Wayne thinks that since he's one of the productive ones he would shoot right back to the top in a day or two.

Scott C.

Unknown said...

Mike - was refreshing to hear the commonwealth POV articulated in a positive and mild mannered way. A person can only take so much of the free market idealogy shoutfests. Hopefully Fox will stop the sound bite presentation and facilitate differing opinions on a more thoughtful and reasoned platform. I watch Bloomberg for financial information with small does of Fox and CNBC for entertainment. You should try to get on Bloomberg or MSNBC. Best business anchors are Dylan Ratigan (formerly of Bloomberg and now MSNBC) and Bernie Lo (Bloomberg). Since the commonwealth argument is so badly needed, you should keep pushing it. Another hot button worth attacking is Wall St. corruption. Good luck. JR

mike norman said...

Thanks, Scott! Thanks, Fred! Send your commments to Fox. Not trying to be a cynic, but my guess is that for every comment like yours, there were a hundred siding with the "free market ideologues." They are totally out of paradigma and their coverage is nothing but dogma.

etfguy said...

Mike you were eloquent and polite but I know inside you felt like me when I watched the show: seething with fury. I'm a free market guy but I know it has to be kept in check and that during times of crisis, the US government is the only entity that can effectively stabilize our system. In fact, they are obligated to do so, that's why we elect them.

This 'the free market is god, only the most productive citizens should enjoy a decent standard of living' idealogy is really starting to get old and frankly starting to sound like a cover for a corporate elitism paradigm that is unfortunately pervasive in the public psyche.

mike norman said...

Yes, it was tough. I'm beginning to know how Columbus and Copernicus felt. ;)