Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Japan unveils growth plan for next decade

"Last week, Japan unveiled a record $1 trillion budget for the next fiscal year, reflecting the prime minister's campaign pledge to boost spending for child support and cut wasteful outlays on public works..."

Japan is boosting domestic spending and investment. China has already been doing this. These countries will see their economies improve dramatically as a result while the U.S. misguidedly seeks deficit reduction in 2010.

Boost your investments in Japan and China. The U.S. is pursuing a course that will keep us weak relative to the growth that will be achieved in these countries. Forex traders should sell the yen!

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googleheim said...

japan made it's history with exporting with major subsidized export houses leading the way.

they do not like the yen being the strongest currency and on top. for past 20 years they had the lost decade in which the rich japanese whale eaters parked their savings abroad and brought it home only when it was needed to pay domestic bills.

they are the inspiration to Macdonald's Coca Cola and others who prefer a weak dollar so they can bank elsewhere.

europe will not devaluate with such massive spending because they enjoy their inflated currenciesc because they are even more avid travelers than the japanese

not exactly reality but policy affects actions