Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gold Prices Dip as Investors Go for Cash

Gold is falling because the forces at play right now are deflationary--big time deflationary.

But so many investors have bought into this ridiculous "hyperinflation" theme because they've seen reserves increase as central banks have brought rates down or conducted quantitative easing. The hyperinflation view is simply wrong.

I am certain that investors in gold will be decimated. I don't know when, but it's pretty much a sure thing. The best investment in the world right now is a Treasury, which will soar as deflationary forces broaden out even further.


Ugh said...

Curious... Is there enough physical gold in the world to back all these "promises" the gold sellers make about the safety of gold over cash? Isn't a piece of paper that says you have x amount of gold just as worthless as the piece of paper stocks and bond are printed on? I'd still rather have a stack of greenbacks myself - easier to carry around.

mike norman said...

Although gold doesn't back currency anymore, you've obliquely pointed out the fact that there is not enough gold in the world to "back" the sum total of global economic output. So even if gold were embraced as a currency, a "fractional reserve" system would quickly develop, which would look just like the fiat currency systems of today.

Anonymous said...

Trouble with gold is its easier to steal it than to mine it. All the gold in the world is worthless without an effective government to enforce property rights.

googleheim said...

sounds like mortgage backed securities ??

gold backed securities ?

is this another melt in the pot ?