Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wal-Mart makes splashy price cuts to get mojo back

Wal-Mart is counting on $1 ketchup bottles and sub-$4 cases of Coke to get its low-price mojo back.

The sharp cuts, which came ahead of Memorial Day weekend, have already pushed rivals such as Target into price wars. And the markdowns are expected to keep coming throughout the summer.

They're one of the boldest moves the world's largest retailer is making to turn around sluggish business at its U.S. namesake chain and win back shoppers from rivals. The cuts aren't across the store but target 22 foods and other essentials at an average savings of 30 percent -- splashy enough to get attention and perhaps change perceptions.

Hey, all you "hyperinflationists," where is the inflation? Prices are collapsing.

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googleheim said...

Now that Art Lauffer has bought all that hard wood timberland in Kentucky, is he selling carbon credits on top since prices are going down the tubes?