Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Apple overreaching?

For nearly two years, Apple has wooed digital book publishers and authors with its unconditional support of the open EPUB standard. With last week’s introduction of iBooks 2.0, Apple has deliberately locked out that standard. Here’s why you should care.
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How Apple is sabotaging an open standard for digital books
by Ed Bott
(h/t Edward Harrison | Credit Writedowns)
Antitrust regulators should be taking a long look at this pattern of anti-competitive behavior.
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Apple's mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement
by Ed Bott
For people like me, who write and sell books, access to multiple markets is essential. But that’s prohibited:
"Apple, in this EULA, is claiming a right not just to its software, but to its software’s output. It’s akin to Microsoft trying to restrict what people can do with Word documents, or Adobe declaring that if you use Photoshop to export a JPEG, you can’t freely sell it to Getty. As far as I know, in the consumer software industry, this practice is unprecedented."

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Matt Franko said...

They are WORSE than Microsoft ever was at this type of stuff...