Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leo Foresta — Physics shedding light on the crisis (Part II)

Read it at Leo Foresta on spirituality and the global crisis
Physics shedding light on the crisis (Part II)
by Leo Foresta


Matt Franko said...

"The question of why evil and suffering exist despite the supreme benevolence is a mystery that no science, religion or other discipline has so far been able to elucidate. We just have to accept it, without departing from the fundamental hypothesis of benevolence."

This is a tough one Tom, the toughest imo.

Perhaps the ultimate "test" of subjection.


Ralph Musgrave said...

As distinct from physics casting light on economics, here is a Prof. of computer science casting light on economics. He actually advocates the Abba Lerner form of stimulus, i.e. having the government / central bank machine create money and spend it into the economy in a recession (and/or cut taxes). So his idea should meet with approval from most MMTers.


Greg C. said...


Please let me know why Mike Norman miscalculated so badly.