Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Steve Keen — The Future of Economics

I was approached by Bloomberg to write an 800-word feature on “The Future of Economics” for the World Economic Forum, which starts today in Davos. I haven’t heard back as to whether they actually ran it in their newsletter, but hopefully the Davos participants had the following item in their breakfast reading this morning.
Read it at Steve Keen's DebtWatch
The Future of Economics 
by Steve Keen


Nick Ferris said...

Hi Steve - I work on the Bloomberg Briefs. The article did run today in our special Davos issue. Usually a subscription product, we are making this special edition free to view and available to anyonme to download here:


Tom Hickey said...

@ Nick Ferris

Thanks for sharing that with our readers. Glad to see that Steve is getting the exposure his work deserves.