Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joe Firestone — The Job Guarantee and the MMT Core Series

For convenient reference.

The Job Guarantee and the MMT Core Series -- Set up as a blog-book with convenient sequential links

The Job Guarantee and the MMT Core Series
by Joe Firestone


Anonymous said...

MMT = Monetary Madness Theory!

I know, it's because we are special and deserve utopia. LOL!

Matt Franko said...


Buy gold!

Anonymous said...

Matt Franko

Been stacking for years. Buy on the big dips, and let the FED'S Fairy Dust carry them to the moon.

Hyperinflation or deflation bring us to the same destination/debacle, so my creed is be in as many different asset classes as possible to retain PURCHASING POWER, and avoid a Wiley Coyote moment.

Anonymous said...

A job guarantee? WOW!! You mean like those great paying jobs in the former USSR and Warsaw Pact Countrys? Damn, what a great idea, and I can't wait for all the hours people will be able to visit with one another as they stand in the bread line for hours because their standard of living no longer exists, and we resemble a third world country, but then again, we are different and special and deserving of utopia.

MMT = More Money Trees

Senexx said...

Remember Googleheim started from a similar position as Anonymous though there could be many with the Anonymous name on this blog site, so if Anonymous intends to be a frequent commenter I would recommend a name change

Anonymous said...

I will stay Anon for now, but I appreciate that I have been allowed to post my thoughts without being censored by the owner of this site. It's one thing to talk about freedom of speech, and quite another to actually allow it. Hats off for freedom.