Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Climate Change Will Make You Love Big Government

Such calamities, devastating for those affected, have important implications for how we think about the role of government in our future. During natural disasters, society regularly turns to the state for help, which means such immediate crises are a much-needed reminder of just how important a functional big government turns out to be to our survival.
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Why Climate Change Will Make You Love Big Government
By Christian Parenti, TomDispatch


Bob Roddis said...

Who else will subsidize people to live on uninsurable floodplains, build freeways with eminent domain hither and yon and then induce a housing bubble with funny money and other subsidies? And then complain about Keynesianian-induced “spawl” and blame it on the free market?

googleheim said...




Anonymous said...

Because of the juicy Carbon Market I watch daily which trades alongside real commodities? Just one more scam to totally screw the little guy. Have you all not learned that it's always about the money. Not sometimes, but everytime.

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