Monday, February 20, 2012

Video: MMT Leaders on "Inflation"

Much of the concern about and resistance to a much stronger fiscal policy that is currently advocated for by the MMT leaders that has been exhibited in both the "progressive" and more mainstream blogs in response to the weekends WaPo article by D. Matthews is centered on the issue of "inflation".

Let's go back to first principles on "inflation" within the MMT paradigm and watch this video from the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In of April 2010 in Washington, DC.

Sorry I cannot edit the video but all you have to do is fast forward to the 13:00 mark and listen to Mosler, Mitchell and Wray, three MMT thought leaders, explain the concept of "inflation" within the MMT paradigm in response to an audience question that sounds very familiar to the concerns communicated in many of this weekend's responses to the WaPo article.

Give it a few minutes of your time.  Then we all can provide more informed commentary and opinion on what the true potential of "inflation" is within an MMT policy setting environment.

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