Saturday, March 17, 2012

Additional Various Roman Coins Found Again in UK

Story at a local paper in the UK.  Recreational "treasure hunters" in the UK have done it again, dredging up some archeological arti-facts from over 2,000 years ago that put the lie to any moron's theory that currency issuing civil governments "borrow" their money.

To believe the moron (i.e. stupid) "taxpayer on the hook" crowd's position that currency issuing governments "borrow the money" one would have to throw sanity out the window and believe that these coins, some of which were minted almost a century before the Romans arrived in Britannia, magically grew small legs and walked underwater across the English Channel, and presented themselves to the inhabitants in advance of the Roman arrival, in order for these ancient Britannic inhabitants to be able to pay taxes to the Roman authorities in advance of the Roman civil government spending this currency into circulation.

(Neil and Ralph, have metal detectors become tax deductible in the UK?)

Hats off to these tenacious, metal detecting revealers of the truth.  Go get some more folks!

Morons:  How did these coins get there?


Ryan Harris said...

With all the caches discovered lately the value of the money must be plummetting.

NeilW said...

"(Neil and Ralph, have metal detectors become tax deductible in the UK?)"

Nothing is tax deductible in the UK.

We take the 'employment as master-servant relationship' idea seriously. :)

Unemployment has gone up massively in the areas that depopulated after the Romans left and there isn't a lot else to do.

It's either that or play the National Lottery.

AndyCFC said...


What have the romans ever done for us eh!