Friday, March 30, 2012

Sign up for my online Forex day trading course now!

Learn to trade Forex
Sign up now for my intensive 3-day online course and you'll get all you need to daytrade profitably in the forex market

Course dates: April 15 - 17

Mike Norman online forex course

In this 3-day intensive course, here is what I teach you:

-The fundamentals of forex
-Picking the best currency pairs to trade
-How to spot winning trades in advance
-Scalping the market
-How to scale into positions and "pyramid" profits
-Getting the best price every time
-"Gunning" for other people's stops and keeping yours safe
-Trading with the smart money
-The secrets of time zones
-Trading the news
-Fool proof ways to gauge market sentiment

In addition, I'll help you focus your mind so that you will be able to...

-Mental attitude
-How to set your mind for profits
-Managing yourself like a winner
-Eliminate fear and stress so you can trade with absolute confidence
-Entirely remove emotion and inner conflict from your trading decisions
-Operate in a Zen-like state that will allow you to be the master of the market


You will be instructed on the powerful Oanda platform. Oanda is the most sophisticated online platform by far with over 50 currency pairs, the absolute tightest spreads you'll find anywhere, options on currencies, plus gold and silver. It is an amazing system that offers unblievable analytical power, charts, graphics, news, fundamentals, statistical studies and much, much more. Once you know how to use Oanda you'll have the power of a major bank dealing desk right on your PC, laptop, IPad or smart phone. And Oanda has no minimum account size.

These courses are popular and I like to keep it small so everyone gets personal attention. So don't wait too long. Sign up today.


Anonymous said...

Is there any available audited proof that you have actually outperformed any relevant index trading Forex? If not, this is just hucksterism.

MCX Tips said...

I also want to learn forex trading, i am dealing in stock and commodities but now i want to learn about Forex market.

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Hello Friends,

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Thanks for sharing this information. I found it very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about..

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