Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steve Roth — It’s a Spending Problem, Right?

Economist’s View: Per Capita Government Spending by President

Read it at Asymptosis
It’s a Spending Problem, Right?
by Steve Roth


David said...

Shows graphically how Democrats have allowed themselves to be maneuvered into becoming the party of "fiscal responsibility." Most of the "progressives" I listen to, who consider themselves so very well informed, tout this mantra at every opportunity. To borrow a word from Matt Franco: "Morons."

David said...

so you agree that they are lying to get elected and once in office they will spend?

dave, of course they lie to get elected. And yes, they will spend to keep their constituencies happy. That's just American politics. What I said is that the posted graph clearly shows that spending was considerably lower when a Democratic president followed a Republican one (not that that was the reason for posting the graph). To me it shows that the D's haven't been very politically astute in striving to become the "real conservatives" for the last 35 years.

Before I discovered chartalist views of money like MMT I used to bitch about the deficit too. Most people are uninformed or misinformed about money, debt and deficits. They think the government is like a big household. They are misled. I reserve the epithet "morons" for those who should know better, but apparently don't; such as the people who advise Democratic presidential candidates.