Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rodger Mitchell — What is AARP’s real mission? Not what you might think.

Because the public does not understand the differences between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty, and because AARP, the media and the politicians don’t explain these differences, it is fairly simple to fool everyone into believing Social Security and Medicare are “broke” (John Boehner’s favorite lie).
AARP goes along with — in fact encourages — the BS, because a free Social Security retirement plan and a free Medicare are not nearly so profitable as paid-for retirement plans and paid for health insurance.
Did I mention? AARP sells insurance.
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What is AARP’s real mission? Not what you might think.
by Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

If you haven't already read Yves Smith's AARP Back in Bed With Effort to Cut Social Security and Medicare at Naked Capitalism, please do and pass it on as she requests.

Disclosure: I admit to bias. I sent my membership card back when AARP lobbied to deliver Medicare Part D into the hands of Big Pharma, as did many others at the time. This is not an organization that represents the interests of seniors. Don't be fooled.

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