Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Needed: A Hierarchy of Cultural Needs

Can Anyone Get Consumer Reports to Notice White Collar Crime?

Consumer Reports Urges Creating Federal Regulations for Arsenic Levels in Rice

Someone warn them that you can boil both frogs & the 99% in unregulated rice-cookers?

Look, I'm all for protecting consumers from arsenic in rice. Yet out of the millions of real concerns besetting US consumers, why on earth is there no statistically relevant HIERARCHY of needs? Maslow must be turning over in his grave. Why on Earth hasn't Consumer Reports noticed the primacy of white collar crime since at least 1990?

We need our own statement on A Hierarchy of Cultural Needs.

ps: That statement absolutely MUST NOT come from economists. It has to be a consensus from all the 1900 or so professions already recognized by the NAICS.  It's not just war and generals.  EVERY process is too important to be left to the presumed process owners.


Lori Franko said...

When Larry Summers at the world bank said we need to locate polluting factories in the least developed countries so they die from cancer instead of US (the 1%) I knew he was going to go far in this world, and he has.

Yes there is a maslow's hierachy, the 1% need clean good food, water, and space and shelter, and the rest of you 99% are in our way, you are FREAKING DOOMED, we don't need you, and we will eradicate you.

Lori Franko said...

Here is a robot mosquito, with a vial attached to its face to inject various poisons into your body, keep talking out against us Hickey, and one night an insect bite will seal your fate, no one will ever see anything or suspect anything, hickey just died from a heart attack, he was stressed a lot about the 1%, everyone knew it was coming....

Lori Franko said...