Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greg Palast on Paul Ryan's rise

Author Greg Palast follows the money trail leading up to Paul Ryan’s nomination.
In These Times
The Billionaire Bandits Behind Paul Ryan
Roger Bybee


Jan said...

Thank you Tom!Excellent you are one of kind "Archeologists" on the Internet :)!Always good findings! Well i just saw this by vid by Steve Keen,that seem to be a good one!A little "wonkish" and i just saw about 10 minutes of it yet,but worth watch i think Keen 2012 UMKC Reconciling MMT and MCT
Have a good week Tom!

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks, Janne. BTW, Steve Keen put up the whole conference on YouTube, with presentations by Scott Fullwiler, Michael Hudson, Stephanie Kelton and himself. Here is a list.

Jan said...

Thank you ever so much Tom!A real treat!Cheers!