Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Noirp Social Diseases and Lunchhaving by Proxy Syndrome

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Reading the daily news makes me realize that we're suffering from a highly distributed, scalable, Lunchhaving by Proxy Syndrome, where we're always convincing ourselves that something that is NOT wrong with us, is somehow to be considered as systemically wrong - all so that our Upper Looting Class sociopaths can get intellectually & culturally obese, by uselessly eating everyone else's lunches.

Take our politics, Please! We just saw the instant when most Republican voters could realize that they've been duped again ... or at least get a chance to start realizing it, since the self-deception actually runs to even deeper levels.

The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat

Will voters catch on, soon enough to matter, and start selecting from an entirely different class of policy candidates? Only if we accelerate our electoral dynamics by the bare minimum now required. Those few Dems who actually exercise  their capability of reading WIDELY realized they'd been duped, about 6 months into Obama's admin. Prior to that the time lag to catch on was traditionally 4-8 years. When will GOP party members also start abandoning the gang process? You typically need a tattoo to join a criminal gang. To join a political gang, ... er, "party" you need to accept something more subtly damaging, a brain-taboo, or an agreement to stop thinking. It's infectious simply because it unburdens people from the calories required to engage their brains and actually think. Yet that culturally-infectious disease has been killing our culture ever since George Washington warned us not to become susceptible to it.

When will enough citizens catch on to our deeper self-deception, and junk the now-useless political party baggage altogether? If we ever get that far, then maybe we could get on with the simple task of setting national goals and organizing our national culture to achieve them? A country capable of setting and achieving adaptive goals? Now that sounds like a Desired Outcome worth achieving, and then maintaining. Doesn't sound difficult either. Why are we MAKING it so difficult?

Surely citizens now have a historic opportunity to realize that the real dupes are themselves - whenever they accept that they have only 2 choices?

Next, take our stupid fiscal policy, Pretty Please?!!

MMT - by describing fiat currency operations, and basic reserve-banking operations - addresses only a process, not the original reasons why we are misusing that process to begin with. We need wider sharing of common sense, across our growing lists of modern cultural operations. Call it modern operational operations. MOO! :)

Look, if a cow can exquisitely integrate gazillions of biochemical processes, within trillions of cells, of hundreds of types, across dozens of organs ... and make a behaving unit called a cow ... then surely a band of supposedly more intelligent humans can organize a national economy? Doesn't seem so difficult, in comparison. Yet, despite the obvious, expect many sheople to carry on saying baaah, by sheared statistics alone.

Yet why are we expressing so much collective stupidity, in the midst of so much distributed knowledge and skill? It's curious. Perhaps our culture is infected by a group-intelligence-altering cultural-parasite, a cultural-virus or even a cultural-prion agent?

That would help explain our baffling, unusual group behavior. On the cultural level, the closest concept I can think of is the INVERSE of a prion disease process. Instead of a diabolically unpredictable lock-&-key agent which recruits & perverts individual processes throughout a system, we now have a diabolically unpredictable system process managing to invent virtual, systemic but entirely nominal "process problems."

For effect, I'll call that inverted phenomenon a "Noirp" cultural disease, and even go on to predict higher order versions of the same cultural perversions, to be labeled Uoijd cultural diseases (double-inverse-font of "prion").

Our culture needs an advanced semantic immune system - just to protect itself from itself.

Just as Socrates saw through the Sophists who were saying that "your mother-dog is YOUR 'mother'" ... we need a modern day "Setarcos" to reverse our nonsense back to sense. Socrates' reverse-image might convince us of what we have backwards vs forward. Hopefully, she could remind us that "our nominal debt is our real private currency stock" rather than believing in what is functionally backwards, i.e., that our fiat currency accounting, "nominal deficit" figure is our real debt.

In the process of draining entirely nominal banking reserves by finagling double-entry accounting gimmicks, and then confusing those gimmicks for REAL process constraints, we're actually draining our situational awareness, and our group intelligence too! Both Socrates & his double agent Setarcos would be appalled at our lack of policy agility, operational agility and semantic agility. They're all linked.

Forget showbiz, there's no degeneracy like semantic degeneracy. As a remedy, let's just try to have our pace of group discourse keep up with dynamic situations! Loose paradigms sink economies.

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