Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greece's International Lenders are Squabbling.

Gangsters fighting over the loot? Can someone remind me how a country can fail to supply itself with enough fiat currency, and decide to borrow someone else's fiat instead? And then panic at the prospect of running out of fiat? Somehow fiat currency was transmogrified to fiat looting? And people say that currency is hard to understand! It's Luddites who it is hard to understand. Viva la repression! Who says the ancient Greeks perfected tragecomedy. Their descendants are doing them one better - by staging worse.

The elite Greek families like to have a captive populous.

It's a question of how long the Greek peasants will covet their protective chains.

IMF, EU clash over Greece's bailout prospects

This is scarcely to be believed (no pun intended).
Whole populations really will do anything in their power to avoid thinking!

Are the loan sharks sensing that this pond is nearly all fished out?

Ironically, at least they're distributing income by buying & using teargas.

Enough tears adds to aggregate demand? What a sick outlook.

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