Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Politicians Claim America is “'Broke' to Justify Layoffs and Draconian Cuts in Critical Services."

commentary by Roger Erickson

PRWatch is calling for a "Robin Hood Tax."

They don't seem fully in-paradigm with modern currency operations, but the title line really caught my eye. It's the first mainstream sentence that speaks truth to ignorance. This may be a start, even if PRWatch doesn't fully grasp the implications of what it is saying.

Now if they went on to say that an ignorant, paranoid Upper Looting Class everywhere is mindlessly set on over-taxing and under-funding all perceived competitors ... they'd be even closer.

Sadly, that's moving too fast for 99.999% of all electorates, whose minds aren't even heading to the station yet, let alone boarding.  In fact, they don't even appreciate the value of a train system, nor the national security threat of a failed adaptive rate.


googleheim said...

It's all rigged.

We are broke -

a. kick out the immigrants
b. the dollar is going to plummet
c. give me your gold
d. insurance cannot be paid
e. what other assets do you have?

It's all propaganda for destructive creation

which is really just a soft core KRISTAL-NACHT

The only thing I think that this false scripture of America is bankrupt don't build anything ( let the Swiss and the Japanese have fast trains but not us ) that might possibly be beneficial :

if the hoarders of U$D treasuries think the dollar is going to plummet maybe they will spend their hoards.

Maybe a better way is to explain to the USD treasury hoarders is that if they spend 40% of their hoard then the economy will take off and the dollar will get stronger and their hoard will be 400% bigger.

go figure that

googleheim said...

Or better yet - advertise in the UK British tabloids the exact amount of U$D the UK government owns.

Then tell the readers what they are missing since the UK government will NOT bring it home and give it too the citizens.

Something like this :

"If George Bush was prime minister of the United Kingdom, he would divest this Surplus and give it back to the British taxpayers who really own the U$D"

"God Save the Queen, but let's save our citizens of the UK - let's bring these funds home in form of better schools, hospitals, medicine, Starbucks, Levi's - whatever and give it BACK TO THE TAXPAYER"

remember the "tax payer is always on the hook" but the UK tax payers just need to tap into the piggy bank that no one is talking about.

y said...

yes but the UK also has a CAD and govt budget deficit, which everyone is freaking out about, so they're not likely to sell off their USD assets

Roger Erickson said...

The British aristocracy once decided to trade all the Scots for sheep - that were easier to shear.

Don't think they won't expand that program. In their mind, why not? Who owns the UK anyway?

The Royal Family not only owns most of the land, they own the best land. And they think that that applies to all other assets too.

The managed oxymoron in British class-based patriotism is that a monarch can OWN coordination.

Reality is that coordination owns monarchs. Sadly, dynamic value is the last thing understood by most supposed patriots.

Just as many, or more, tourists would flock to see symbols of successful coordination, even if they were topless, headless or even brainless.

Roger Erickson said...

ps: The Queen thinks a Highlander Clearance is a yard sale at Balmoraless Castle. First thing they sold was their moral compass. They weren't using it anyway.

y said...

yes I'm no fan of the monarchy either.

y said...

brits are a sentimental bunch when it comes to the queen. Perhaps that will change when she passes.

googleheim said...

IF the Brits have a budget deficit then they should pay it off with their U$D right ?

It's an asset for what ?

For the aristocracy to skim off to keep themselves afloat and not the "people"

If they have deficit denominated in GBP then it's left pocket <> right pocket - no big deal

It's only a problem when the debt is denominated in foreign currency.

Kirchener has effectivelly curtailed all access to outside currencies which is smart - if all debt is in Argentine pesos, then they cannot be subject to balancing of budgets in USA or other reserve banks.

Remember Norman and only Norman pointed out how Clinton's balanced budget fubared Argentina.

Obama last night on Letterman reminded me of someone acting like a likeable guy just to make the other contender look rigid.

Tom Hickey said...

Obama last night on Letterman reminded me of someone acting like a likeable guy just to make the other contender look rigid.

The thing is that the public has consistently regarded Obama as a nice guy and Romney as rigid and out of touch. Obama doesn't have to sell himself as a nice guy, but Romney does and he is doing a very poor job of it because he is really out of touch. The more he tries to pretend the more obvious it becomes. And the GOP knows this, so they are running against, not running for. That is always a weak position.