Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bloomberg proposes spending cuts, but no tax increases, to hit his budget targets

I HATE this Mike Bloomberg with a passion. When will he understand that spending cuts are the fiscal equivalent of tax increases, they just hit a lower income strata? When you say you are just going to only pass spending cuts, but not raise taxes, you are saying that you are going to raise taxes on the middle class and poor. That's exactly what you are doing and it is completely unjust.

NYC schools are going to lose about $250 million in funding thanks to Bloomberg. My kids go to public school and I've been getting hit up for donations and fees left and right from even before these cuts. That's a tax on me and it's about to go up.

I am not one of Mike's billionaire friends, who can easily afford to pay more. It's just unfair and unjust and immmoral to ask me and families of even lesser means to have to cough up more while the wealthy get off scott free.

We need leadership and fairness. This is total bullshit.


Matt Franko said...


The situation in the City is starting to sound like Greece in a way... forced austerity... f-ing terrible...


Anonymous said...

Well, the Kings Midas who run Wall Street, New York and the country have to get their payoff now for giving the US Congress, which they also own, the OK to pass the hurricane bailout package.

dave said...

I watched less than 5 minutes of kudlow and could not hardly stand it, he is evil and stupid, a real piece of shit. he was going on and on about spending cuts.

Roger Erickson said...

Well, you have to admit that less food and fewer leaches constitutes a lean approach to curing anemia.

Did I "frame" that properly? :)

It works quickest if the patient remains comatose 'til fat enough for the next ritual slaughter.

Bob said...

I liked Kudlow better when he was a drug addict sniffing coke.
He is a carne con salesman for GE.

WillORNG said...

"It was open day, down at my old school.

I went along with a couple of friends.

And the money they raised, wasn't for a swimming pool...
the money was for paper books and pens.

We've got cut-throats, crooks and conmen running this jail.
Is there anything left in England, that's not for sale?"


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