Thursday, January 24, 2013

Operational Details Always Count - but "Easy Works"

commentary by Roger Erickson

"... asplenics and alcoholics, have increased levels of alimentary iron in their bloodstream. C. canimorsus requires large amounts of iron to grow, so these conditions are optimal for the bacillus."

Completely irrelevant, you say?  BORING!!!

Woman loses legs, fingers after contracting Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection from minor dog bite.

Cofluence of real operational details? Happens all the time. Shit can't hit fans through any other causal mechanism.

So WHY on earth would economists be surprised that arbitrary banking operations actually matter?

Do we have overly isolated academic theorists running a REAL country featuring scads of REAL operations barely stitched together? Ya think? [Weepin' Buddha on an operationally inclined plane!]

Why should that be a statistically significant problem? Oh, maybe if the 1% most arrogant academic theorists & wealthy family members were born in a barn, with a silver spoon up you know where, ... and then stayed aloft, completely oblivious to real operations? And others joined them, out of misguided envy? What could go wrong? Maybe our present situation? Is it that simple?

If so, then the remedy is also simple. For protection when hordes of small operations continually bite your country in the ass, just keep more practicing farmers, engineers, construction workers and street people in every phase of self-governance. You know, diverse people with common sense and humility? It's called distributed oversight, feedback and transparency. Aka, OpenSource culture and democracy. Every process is too important to leave to the presumed process owners?  Dismantle the lofts?  Melt down the silver spoons? (AFTER carefully extracting them.)

Easy works if we let it. We have to work hard to really screw up.  Don't just run around working like a chicken with it's head cut off.  Pick up your unemployed heads and use 'em!  Maybe even use public discourse to network them into a group-brain super computer?  What a droll concept. A supercomputer cpu-cluster lamenting it's unemployed nodes. "If we only had a group brain!"   :(

Where's the Straw Man when we need him to keep ourselves distracted from ourselves?   Why, if we could get our collective intellect on those 1% responsible for this mess, we'd strip them from top to assetless!!

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