Monday, January 21, 2013

Retail Crime is Costing White Collar Crime too Much Money

commentary by Roger Erickson

Cost of UK retail crime rises to £1.6bn

"The overall cost of retail crime in the UK has soared by 15.6% in a year
to £1.6bn as the sector is targeted by serious, organised criminals."

What, the WC crime gang doesn't like to share power?

Are we to take them seriously when they complain that the pesky retail barbarians are intruding on the banksters turf, and that there simply isn't enough loot to share? LOL! Imagine the outrage! I can hear the teacups being dashed from here. Stiff upper class lips must be quivering from the unfairness of it all.

Has any secondary school drama team featured this insane plot in a comedy yet? It's scarcely to be believed, which is exactly what makes the strategy so commonly seen. It involves the same tactics and assumes the same policies which royalty have been using for centuries to get away with every form of crime up to murder, and beyond. "Doing God's [dirty] work" does sound suspiciously reminiscent of the Divine Right Hook traditionally used on leftists.

What's next? Rendition and waterboarding of shoplifters and small shopowners trying to operate outside of the bankstering system? Heresy! Fire and Brimstone! Damnation and a pox on all public fiat! Don't the peasants KNOW who owns their fiat? We can't let just everyone access public liquidity. Imagine what would happen to the Output Gap aristocrats have always depended upon!*

*Actually, it would be very beneficial for more people to actively imagine the outcomes from improved distribution of social liquidity.  Has any cynic written that fiat-comedy yet?


A.K.A. Damo Mackerel said...

'from improved distribution of social liquidity'

Could you please explain exactly what you mean by this?


Roger Erickson said...

It comes from adaptive set theory.

For a group to most quickly explore ALL possible permutations of it's own configurations .. it follows that every single element must be granted the social credit to explore, without delay, all local options that are of potential adaptive benefit to the group.

It pays an organized group, in spades, for all team members to be constantly pre-selecting local option-space, selecting for contributions to net group benefit in changing situations.

Call it social liquidity or the social liqudity floor. Anything less is arbitrarily keeping part of your electorate constrained in some equivalent of debtors prison, starved not for options, but for liquidity to explore them.

The concept is fundamental to all aspects of team, military and set theory.


Roger Erickson said...

Look at it this way. No group can perform autocatalysis without minimal distribution of net liqudity.

just google autocatalysis

The Rombach Report said...

Roger - Isn't what you're talking about what is usually referred to as the "Free Market"? Also, what is autocatalysis?

Roger Erickson said...

The free market is a theoretical concept where the difference between theory & practice is greater in practice than in theory. Hence, it needs a bit more feedback and faster pace of self-regulation and change.

Ask Bill Black.

re autocatalysis, try the original suggestion and just google it;

the grammar itself is self explanatory;
self catalyzing? i.e., a group reacting to it's own feedback

Tom Hickey said...

The so-called free market is controlled for elite and run for their purposes. The only free markets left are some bazaars in tribal villages out in East Jabib.

Roger Erickson said...

"tribal villages out in East Jabib"

I noticed you altered the names to protect the honest. Very ethical of you, Tom.

Can we just put honest people on our endangered species list? :(