Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is There Such a Thing as a Formal Kabuki Market?

commentary by Roger Erickson

Where people stare at multiple screens all day long? :)

CSRCs Guo Says Intervention in Stock Market Necessary: Xinhua

Well, no democracy is ever 'mature' either.
Nor, by definition, is any dynamic system.
That's supposedly why none of us holds lifestock past it's "maturity."

Seriously, you'd think that Guo's statement would cause most fools on the way to market to turn around and go back home to hide in the closet. Except that they are still innocent fools, and their train of thought is still waiting to be further separated from reality?  Or, .. they're getting mad as hell?

Farm logic says there's no use communicat'n with a mule, cept'n you get their attention first. Even then, there's only so much you can tell 'em, and no telling how much they'll want to hear, or use in what way, even if they do understand. Innocent Control Frauds must always consult their inscrew-tables first. Others may just wait for crowd control, and assume safety in the herd.

ps: You'd only think governments would do many things ... IF they were able to think. What if they weren't?  Or at least not to the extent you'd think?

ps: ps: If individual Control Frauds defraud people, what's the social integral of crowds defrauding electorates?  Crowd Control Fraud?

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